About Us

At Bike Trials Direct, we pride ourselves on quality products, and excellent customer service. Please feel free to call or email at any time with any queries about our products, or about Bike Trials in general.


For customer service enquiries please email sales@biketrialsdirect.com.


Our warehouse is located in Canberra, Australia.

Opening Hours

Please note we are only open by appointment - if you would like to visit our warehouse to test ride a bike, please be in touch.

Who we are

Bike Trials Direct has been owned and operated by Alex Markwart since 2019. The online store focusses on providing the best observed and street trials bikes and parts to Australia and New Zealand. 

Alex has been riding trials since 2002 and still loves riding and looking to grow the popularity of the sport. Alex is currently riding a 24" Czar Neuron Pro street trials bike. 

Bike Trials Direct was opened in 2010 by Owen Gwilliam, a passionate trials rider who grew the business into what it is today. Competing priorities led to the change of ownership in 2019. 

What we do

Bike Trials Direct is the sole Australian distributor for the Echo Group. This includes Echo, Czar, and GU. We work closely with Echo on product development, and are able to provide their latest and greatest products direct to customers. We also stock a range of quality parts and accessories from a variety of worldwide partners, including Clean, TNN, Maxxis, and Jitsie.