TNN LGM Brake Pads

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TNN LGM Brake Pads.


  • New compound designed for more harshly ground rims and wet weather, mounted in a super pimp CNC machined aluminium alloy backing.
  • Compound developed and tweaked with the help of a diverse range of riders (including Lewis Greenhalgh, Stan Shaw and Ali C) to provide awesome braking on all types of ground rim.
  • Great sound, with sharp bite and tremendous hold, but still with a superb wear life.
  • Aluminium backing provides extra braking force and lever feedback since it is much stiffer than standard plastic backings.
  • Fitted to the brake cylinder using an O ring, this ensures a snug fit.
  • Unique hand-assembled gluing method is more advanced than other alloy-backed pads.
  • Weighs 22g.